Denis Tuttle is an Occupational Therapist, Fulbright Research Recipient Thailand 21-22. Denis was the Broadwater Southport Rotary Club's incoming YEP student from the State of New York some 10 years ago in 2010-2011.

Denis (DJ) Tuttle ‘‘zoom’ed’ in for the meeting on Friday, 21 January, 2022. He joined to share his experience being hosted by District 9640 and the Rotary Club of Broadwater Southport as a Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) Student from the USA in 2010-2011. 

While an exchange student, DJ lived with three different host families and attended Southport State High school. He traveled throughout the east coast of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns and all inbetween.

On his return to the USA, DJ studied at the University at Buffalo obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Science and a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, Magna Cum Laude, graduating in May of 2016. He held numerous leadership positions and received various honors while in college, thanks in part to the skills he developed as an RYE student.

Upon Graduation, he moved to California to begin working as an occupational therapist (OT). As an OT, DJ has worked in an inpatient rehabilitation hospital, elderly community support position, and most recently in an acute care hospital. 

Inspired by his experience as an RYE Student, DJ prioritized international travel. He took long breaks from work to travel in Europe, SouthEast Asia and Central America. When able, he met up with other RYE students that he met and became friends with while in Australia.

DJ has remained involved in Rotary and RYE. He is active ROTEX in his sponsoring District 7120 participating in interview weekend, ski weekend, and outbound and inbound orientations. He has stayed connected to the Rotary Club of Pittsford, his sponsoring club, attending meetings, acting as a guest speaker, and volunteering at events. He sees Rotary as being a part of his life with plans to join a local club when he is established in an area.

DJ is currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a Fulbright Research Recipient working with the Faculty of Associated Medical Sciences at Chiang Mai University. He is conducting research with the OT Department on better understanding caregiver burden.

After completing the Fulbright Scholarship in July 2022, he will be attending Indiana University, Kelley School of business for a Masters of Business Administration.

DJ + Sarah Jane Fish (Australia to France Outbound).

Here is a video of DJ's PowerPoint presentation at our breakfast that highlights his life and activities.

Picture of DJ with Members of the Broadwater Southport Rotary Club when he was a Rotary Exchange Student.

Additional pictures of DJ's exchange year are available at this link  >>

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Denis reminisced on his time as an exchange student and filled us in on the details in his life since then.
  • He was hosted by three families in Australia and it was great for his personal development having to quickly adapt to family life in each one. He said the hosts were fantastic.
  • As a private school boy Southport State High School was again an education for him personally and some of the best times he had on the exchange were school related activities.
  • He interacted with ROTEX on his return to Canada and completed both bachelors and masters in Occupational Therapy.
  • He then balanced work and life by working on contracts for 12 months and then going travelling. As the youngest of 5 siblings he is the only one that has the travel bug and he interacted with former exchange students wherever he travelled.
  • After completing his Fulbright Term he intends to go and has obtained a place in Business School.
  • He showed us lots of pictures of girls in his travels and he managed to convince Laurie, at least, that they weren’t all his girlfriends.
Great chat, fantastic young person.