We provide financial and other support to help both domestic and international communities recover when natural disasters strike or other humanitarian crises arise.


Cultivating & catalyzing youth leaders

Our story began back in 2009 when two young activists responded to the urgent need of Central America’s youth to learn the skills needed to confront mounting injustices and growing uncertainty as a result of rising inequality and climate change. Using education and leadership as main tools, we started a process to engage and mobilize young people to take action. Our mission is to cultivate and catalyze youth leaders to build more just and sustainable communities in Guatemala and El Salvador. 

Young people become influential and impactful leaders. By providing them with resources, skills, and support services, we encourage active engagement towards improving health and educational outcomes, reducing inequality, and spurring economic growth – all while building resilience and protecting our ecosystems.

Together, they form a movement of leaders who drive sustainability and democracy, who are involved in decision making, addressing social challenges, and creating new solutions. They are changing the course of their communities.

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Rebuilding communities... together

  1. Is a project of the Rotary Club of Greater Dandenong and Endeavour Hills.
  2. Has members/volunteers from across Australia;
  3. Is a member of Disaster Aid International, a partnership of Rotary Based organisations dedicated to providing Humanitarian Aid.
  4. Respond to disasters with the supply of humanitarian aid  with Smart Aid to the affected communities and/or individuals until the needs are reasonably addressed.
  5. Responds to the ongoing disaster of contaminated water with Safe Water for Every Child by providing SkyHydrants to schools and communities;
  6. Train volunteers in administering humanitarian relief and aid;
  7. Provide education and training in aspects of disaster relief to individuals, community groups, businesses, schools and other organisations; and
  8. Works in partnership on humanitarian projects funded by other organisations, including Rotary Clubs and Rotary districts and Non-Rotary organisations.