We believe that everyone deserves a home that is safe, secure and affordable.  We support programs that enable people to avoid and escape homelessness, crisis and transitional accommodation and social and affordable housing.


Safe Haven Community provides early intervention pathways, allowing women and their children to escape abusive relationships before the situation escalates to physical violence.

They offer fully supported, community-based temporary accommodation for women at risk of domestic abuse. Their Accommodation Providers offer a nurturing and supportive environment, free from fear, and physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse.
Guests can stay for a period up to four weeks depending on their needs and the Accommodation Providers preferences. Safe Haven use this brief respite to help their Guests find longer-term, better-suited accommodation to live independently and move on in their lives.


The Salvation Army is a Christian church and an international charitable organisation. The organisation reports a worldwide membership of over 1.7 million, consisting of soldiers, officers and adherents collectively known as Salvationists.

Give to the Salvos monthly & provide urgent help to 1000s of Australians every single day. Help give Aussies support throughout the year by joining Crisis Parters. Donate Monthly. Tax Deductible Donations. Support Aussies In Need. Transform Lives. Make A Difference.


While the majority of Club resources will be directed at the main causes we support, from time to time we will support other causes including:

  • Domestic Violence
  • Ending Child Exploitation
  • School and Cyber Bullying
  • Protecting the Environment
  • Suicide Prevention